Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holidays ABC

A guy in Hoyts gave me tickets to the movies.
Boated to Split Apple Rock.
Cats scratched me.
Dead sheep by a river.
Entering my new house was exiting. 
Fishing in a boat 
Gardening at my new house.             
Hit a rock ( in boat).            
In the holidays I hit my chin.
Jaws the movie.
KSI is a channel I watch on Youtube. 
Lawns I played on.
Moving house is tiring. 
No said my mum when I asked  for money. 
Over the hill I went.
Pulled a muscle. 
Queen bee stung me ouch. 
Running next to the Pool is dangerous.
Sidemen are my favorite group of people.
Talking to family.
Uncle and Aunty.
Venison is delicious. 
Went to Neilson. 
Xbox one is quite new.
Yes said my mum when I asked for lollies.

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