Thursday, 8 September 2016

My speech :)       
Shopping shopping shopping do you ever find it boring. Why can't there be like a roller coaster in shopping centre or some type of kid amusement place. And when I say amusement place I don't mean like some kiddie magic show you know pulling rabbits out of a hat making a puppet talk to the audience ear piercing sound of four year old kids laughing. I mean like a theme park ride. Like the giant drop, bumper carts, the log ride, the vertical drop, the torpedo or some other exciting ride just compare the two the giant drop or can you go get the eggs can you go get the milk ok you get the picture.

This is what happens when you usually go shopping. Ok can you go get apples (uhh) you go through the aisles one by one and then when you get to the last aisle you walk out of the shop and you think to yourself ok now that's two hours of my life I will never get back. Another reason why shopping is a waste of time is because it wastes childhood time because there is so many things that kids could be doing rather than getting groceries. Like playing with a ball, watching YouTube, watching tv, playing with someone different for a change

,. Did you know that in one week the ordinary woman shops for an average of six to eight hours which means every month the average woman shop for twenty eight to thirty two hours which is more than a day wasted and that doesn't even include online shopping. Do you know how clever shopping stores are cause this is how clever they are. Did you know in most clothing stores the escalators are placed strategically so you walk past all the new models all of the best and expensive clothes so by the time you get to the escalator you've walked through it all. Another mind blowing fact about shopping is that did you know the money that the average woman spends On clothes is half the money they spend on groceries which is a horrifying amount of money wasted on beauty and fashion. Wait hold on let's not forget about the men.  Men also waste very valuable time on shopping. In fact here's a fact about men shopping ha ha See what I did there ha ha    ha        ha. ok back to the speech did you know some men are scared of the labels they will get from their friends when they will go shopping that's why they make the woman do the shopping.

One of the other reasons I am talking to you today about boring shopping is because if the shopping stores used my idea they would make more profit because it won't take long for mums and dads to get sick of there kids moaning and crying .  P.S. I would not be offended if any shopping stores used my idea cause what type of kid would be offended about a theme park being made. So just face it adults shopping is boring

Medal 1 (comedy) ok that's two hours of my life I'll never get back

Medal 2( fact) escalator after all the expensive clothes

Medal 3( fact) 24 to 32 hours wasted on shopping

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