Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery time reflection

Discovery time reflection  
Today at discovery time I made an iMovie with Korey ,Hamish ,Riley ,Jackson and Gabby.
The role I played was being part of a team and the hard part was making everyone agree on the decisions we made.
 A strategy I used was teaching people to do things and being a leader of the group because today I taught the group how to use the camera on iMovie.
Something new I have learnt is how to film steadily while running with the camera.
A struggle for me was letting everyone do what they wanted but still make everyone agree with each other - it is hard to make five different people agree to the same thing. This is called compromise.
Today I showed a growth mindset when I let Gabby do what she wanted. I let Gabby do that because she doesn't usually get to do what she wants.
Next discovery time I will carry on with my IMovie and hope it's not raining.

Overall I think I made good progress on the iMovie and I was happy by the result of today. 

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