Thursday, 9 June 2016

Term one reflection

In term one we learnt about beat and pumanawatanga. I also learnt that a good class environment always sticks to the beat/pulse. In term one I felt that in the performance I played my role well. It was especially hard because there were only three people in my performance group. For me some of the highlights were the otago problem solving test the performance and most group activities. A struggle for me was the performance because there was only three people in my performance group. For my performance I based my group on different types of scooters.

I also learnt that to keep a good environment always keeps the beat/pulse because if the pulse gets out of control then it affects the rhythm and without a steady rhythm everything goes out of hand. In term 1 I learnt that participating and contributing is key because it gives you all the potential you can get and when you have all the potential as possible you are bound to be successful. 

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