Sunday, 12 June 2016

Camp writing

My favourite parts of school camp were spotlight and mountain biking. I thought spotlight was the best because it wasn't the usual game of spotlight, it was huge, hard and easy in some ways. Hard because so many finders. Huge, with seventy people. And easy because all the things you could hide behind and you had time to run since there were sixty nine distractions. I made it all 5 rounds and did not get found once. I noticed that in movies people hide in grass and camouflage from the bad guys.

 I thought it was a myth. But it worked for me. I also learnt that black puffer jackets and long grass are a great mix to hide in. In the first round I just hid behind a chair and when no light was shining at me I would slide my chair forward and then when a light shone on me I would stop and do that process again, again, again and again and eventually I made it to the safe zone. 

 Round two.
 Round two I went with Will and I could tell he did not want to get seen because he was going so fast for me. This was like The Matrix, slow motion and he was just like Neo. We carried on running through the bush and finally got to the back of the playground and at that point we could basically just walk in and we did.

 Round three. 
Round three this round was by far the easiest because all I did was simply run there in a straight line and somehow I made it, and for me that was the biggest fluke in school camp. 

Round four.
 Round four was by far the hardest round because this round there were even more finders this round I went with korey and we army crawled our way to the safe zone through all the bushes and then we got to the nerve racking part the run of faith we stood there waiting for the light to go away and then we heard the whistle that means the round is over quickly we sprinted to the safe zone.

Round five. 
Round five was by far the funnest round because I went with a bunch of people screaming this is sparta and the only people who made it were Korey Will Hamish Leon Ollie Liam Jay
Jackson and me.

Overall I thought my year six camp was by far the and best camp I have ever had. 

Camp reflection 
In my next piece of writing I would like to include more similes and other language features so that people can get more of a image in their head at the time.
Something that worked well in my writing was the simile in round two and the explanation of how engaged me and my friends were about this game. The simile I was referring to is will was going so fast he was like Neo in the matrix.

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  1. Hi Jayden, I loved reading all about your camp experience. I remember playing spotlight at a school camp in Hanmer when I was in Year 7 so it brought back memories for me when I read it. I loved the part about Will being like Neo in the Matrix, I can imagine him running very fast to try and make it to the safe zone! I had a really vivid picture in my head of him doing that. I loved the way you used camouflage as a strategy too - good thinking! From Monique