Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Discovery time reflection

Discovery time reflection 
Today at discovery time I worked with Korey,Hamish,Jackson and,Gabby we were outside at the playground doing a cops and robbers iMovie and we haven't finished yet because we want our iMovie to be long and want it to be quality.
The role I played was working in a team and making important decisions with our group and all deciding who would be the cops who would be the robbers who would be the spy and who would be the victim the hard part was not trying to argue. 
A strategy I used was not to make inappropriate choices and to choose my choices carefully because if I did just one little thing wrong I could have badly hurt someone or maybe even accidentally hurt someone luckily that didn't happened today.
Something new I have learnt is you don't always get what you want and you can't always win and be the hero who saves the day eg today when we were making an iMovie I was the bad guy AKA robber. 
A struggle for me was figuring out who got the black clothes and who was cops who was robbers who was the spy and who was the victim unfortunately we did argue quite a bit and the other thing I found was difficult was deciding what we would make the iMovie about and storyboarding the iMovie.
I showed a growth mindset when I had to. Work with people I barely knew like Gabby and Riley because they don't know how to do things that Korey,Hamish,Jackson and, I do but luckily we managed to slot them in by giving easier role in the movie.
Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by starting the iMovie making the movie look more realistic and edit our movie and bring all of the characters into the movie in a way they think there included.
Overall I think my group did good working together and weren't to argumentative and we still have a long way to go with our iMovie and I think our group will work very well together and carry on next discovery time. 

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  1. Jayden - this is a detailed reflection of your Discovery Time. It captures what you did and many of the learning aspects for you. (Kiri)