Sunday, 15 November 2015

Rainbows end

It felt so good to step out of the plane having my first overseas step. It was my mum’s 6th. We went to the nearest train station. Finally we arrived at Rainbow’s End the first ride my mum and I went on was the log flume. It was so peaceful until a sudden drop. It was as though the world had paused for a second and then played again. I felt a sudden splash not just any old splash - a big splash that smothered my body in water.

The next ride we went on was the gold rush. The gold rush is a roller coaster that goes through a humongous mine. We got on the coaster and off it went. We went swinging, sliding, swaying through the track. The next thing we knew a  booming voice said, “Ride’s over.”

The man got us out, gave me a little wink and said, “have a good day!”

And then I saw  it. I thought, that is the ride for me.

(To be continued…)


  1. Oh my!! Jayden! What is the next ride.. I am hanging on to your last sentence now and need to know what the ride for you was! I do love how you described the feeling of the log flume. I can just imagine being there.. everything clam.. and then.. Splash! Very well said. Miss D :)

  2. What do you mean my mums 6th? Can you describe that a bit more.