Tuesday, 4 August 2015


In term 2 we've been learning about invertebrates and waterways. There are some problems in New Zealand rivers like rubbish, algae, didymo and especially storm water drains. Those problems kill our invertebrates and collapses the food chain.

In the middle of term 2 our class went on trips to Travis Wetland water pumping station Groynes and the Museum. We learnt that wetlands act like a sponge and for birds a wetland is an airport because the birds come in to land take their drink out of a swamp and then take off back to their homes in trees. Also did you know that pukekos saved Travis wetland because the council wanted to close Travis because they thought they could build a suburb but they couldn't because you can't move a native animal like a pukeko from its natural habitat.

In the Museum our class learnt about aquifers and sustainability and how planting plants/bushes actually helps rivers. At the end of the term we gathered our river and celebrated our term 1 and 2 learning with food and learning stations so you can do it yourself and learn to.

Overall, I'm very pleased that I have learnt a lot about rivers, rubbish and the waterways of our community.

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  1. Well done to the Pukeko! I never ever knew that Jayden. And it just makes you think if we didn't have such wonderful native animals then the "airport" would be shut down and so many birds that come and stay in the wetlands would then have nowhere to go. In this reflection you really do make people think about why it is so important to look after our native wetlands and to think about the birds not just about ourselves!
    What did you do for your end of term action? Have you got any photos? How did it go? :)
    Miss D