Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Compare and contrast writing water boatman and eel

Compare and contrast on water boatman and eel.


Water boatman live in a freshwater habitat including lakes, rivers and estuaries just in the same way as eels can also live in a freshwater habitat. However an eel can survive in polluted water as well whereas a water boatman cannot.


To defend itself the water boatman flies into the trees and into bushes and then they are safe from predators. But the eels defence is different, they camouflage themselves  and they can swim very fast to get away from predators.


The water boatman and longfin eels predators are similar. Birds are both their predator because the birds can fly in the air and follow and dive into the water and get the eel or the water boatman in its beak. The war bug is also  a predator to both because  it can go into their mouths and  it eats the insides.

Life cycle

This is the eels life cycle

(That is how it gets to be an adult)

This is the water boatman's life cycle

(That is how it gets to be an adult)

Laying their eggs

When the water boatman lays its eggs it lays them on stems and on leaves.  This is different to the eel because the eel swims to Samoa to lay its eggs.

By Brooklyn,Samantha,jayden.

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