Thursday, 28 May 2015

Water monitoring process

Monitoring waterways

We are studying waterways for our class inquiry. We are testing water and recording results.

First I wrote the date. Then I tested the pH with a special piece of paper called an indicator strip. Firstly, we put the indicator strip in the the water for about three seconds then we took it out and it went a greeny colour. After that we put the indicator strip beside the pH monitor to tell the pH. The water is meant to be seven pH and the H monitor reads from colours to super dark green to super light green

Then we tested the temperature with the thermometer in a beaker. We put the thermometer in the beaker full of water. We left it in the water for about 5 minutes because taking temperature is a long process. We took the thermometer out and it showed the temperature.

After that, we counted the number of suspended number of solids. We did that by getting the plastic container and then count the number of suspended substances because there is no machine to do so.

And lastly we did the TDS tester. TDS stands for total dissolved solids. You put the TDS tester in the water for about 5 seconds and then you take the TDS tester out of the water and then it will show you a decimal reading. We do the TDS tester last because nothing can change the result.

Overall I am pleased that now I know how to tell if water healthy or not.

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